Top 5 Resources for Making Love Last…

Falling in love is easy…maintaining love…well that’s the challenge. Are you ready for more love, passion and adventure with your spouse this Valentine’s Day?? Here are 5 books for making 2020 your best year yet!

1 - The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Based on over 40 years of marriage research, John Gottman identified The Seven Principles of long lasting love. This book is both an enlightening information tool and a workbook that couples can use to guide them through the Seven Principles. Simply using the book will have positive effects on your relationship!

2 - The Five Love Languages

In love, the golden rule is love one another as they’d want to be loved. So find out what your Love Language is and know your partner’s!

3 - Marriage Fitness: 4 Steps To Building And Maintaining Phenomenal Love

Put love first, Give presence, Move from me to we, Save yourself are the four steps. Sounds simple but definitely far from simplistic. The book explains what each truly means and what it looks like in a marriage with real life examples.

4 - The Man’s Guide to Women

Finally, a roadmap for men to understand women! This book is both scientific, if you’re interested in the science, and an easy practical and summarized strategies from dating, knowing if she’s the one, being her best experience (wink wink) and creating deep connection for a long and happy life together.

5 - The Relationship Cure

Of course every relationship runs into trouble and here is the cure. Dr. Gottman emphasizes the role of “emotional bids,” that it’s the little things that we do and say that lets our partner know that we are paying attention and that we care. This is the fundamental component of curing and healing a conflicted relationship.

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