….most marriages can be saved. Iā€™m going through this program currently and Cecilia is helping me out a lot. The daily results I get from my wife are very promising. I highly recommend Cecilia Komosinski!!!Ā 


P. Casburn
Lincoln, NE

“I was faced with an eight year old daughter who was spriralling out of control, getting sent home from school, on the cusp of expulsion, an explosive personality, and always fighting. Cecilia developed a strategy to help me deal with my child, to reconnect with her and guide her away from cynicism and back to the world of her childhood. CK is insightful and thoughtful, a philosopher and strategist with real game plans rooted in reality as well as sensitive to our inner anxieties. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Austin, TX

“Cecilia provides compassionate and thorough coaching. She works with you at your own pace, and exercises tremendous patience as you navigate through a process toward greater self awareness. Her background and qualifications in coaching and psychology plus her comfortability with spirituality, make her an excellent choice for those looking to combine sound coaching with meditative practice and spiritual growth.”

New York, NY

Cecille has always been our guardian of timeless family values and She has been a referee of more time outs and family do overs than three households. Her constant desire to juggle both setting boundaries and selflessly being in service to our family was worthy of an act In Penn and Teller!

Seriously, I won the lottery in the mating game not because we had much in common culturally or even hobby wise, it just was simply the queen of hearts that overwhelmed my defenses and cracked both my thick head and heart open into letting love become the only answer worthy of our time together.

So if greater love of self and others is the possible answer to your current challenges, then, just maybe Cecille’s empathy centric solutions might just unlock your deeper potential to a fuller and more connected life.

Cecilia’s hubby