Couples Relationship Mastery! 

A couples coaching program that serves engaged and newly married couples to master their relationship skills so they can create their happily ever afters!

Begin with the Relationship Assessment

What is a Relationship checkup and what does it detect?

A checkup is an online assessment that you and your partner will take separately.  The checkup will examine satisfaction ratings in all areas of your relationship from friendship and intimacy, conflict management, emotional engagement to frequency and quality of sex and other details like jealousy, trust, and anger among so many other scales.

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Assessment Review and Feedback

What happens next?

Advancement in psychology research has busted the myths when it comes to relationships.  The good news is that experts have identified 7 key principles that make a marriage work. We apply these principles towards your current relationship conflicts and empower you to improve your mindset and upgrade your relationship skills.  This process allows you to create good habits early, building a foundation for a partnership that is happy, connected, and long-lasting…everything you’ve ever imagined love could be!

Will you simply hope that things work out or do you want to be confident that they will?

Sounds Great! How much is it?

You get the couple checkup and one session for you and your partner via an online video call with me. We will review your assessment together and come up with the strategies for you to create your happily ever after!

Now only $249!

The best gift you can give your kids (if you have them) is a strong and happy relationship! And if you don’t have kids yet, it is the most meaningful, unique gift to each other that lasts a lifetime! Don’t leave love to chance… get a checkup! It’s the best gift ever!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Due to the nature of the assessment sign up process, I cannot fully refund your investment. However, if for any reason you are unhappy with the assessment, I will refund $49 of your investment. 

Where do I sign up? 

Please fill in the information below for you and your spouse/partner. You will then be directed to the payment page.