Top 5 Resources for Making Love Last…

Falling in love is easy…maintaining love…well that’s the challenge. Are you ready for more love, passion and adventure with your spouse this Valentine’s Day?? Here are 5 books for making 2020 your best year yet! 1 – The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Based on over 40 years of marriage research, John Gottman identified The Seven Principles of long lasting love. This book is both an enlightening information tool… Read More »Top 5 Resources for Making Love Last…

Men: Need more love and respect from your wife?

What’s in your Your bank account will make a difference! Feel like you’re not getting the love and respect you deserve from your spouse? Does she roll her eyes when you make a suggestion or dismiss you and your ideas? Does it seem that you can’t do anything right when it comes to your spouse? This is a common feeling that men feel and you aren’t sure why? Or maybe… Read More »Men: Need more love and respect from your wife?

Did I Marry The Right Person?

(This article is from Video talk 7P Principle 1: Enhance Your Love Maps) So today we are going to talk about the question that may be circling around in your head …maybe because you’ve just gotten married and you’re starting to see things you don’t like and you’ve had disagreements and you’re wondering… did I marry the right person ?? Well Of course you did! Your partner was right when… Read More »Did I Marry The Right Person?

Should You Leave Your Unhappy Marriage?

When there is constant conflict and negativity in your marriage it is very difficult to see yourself sticking around for the rest of your life, let alone another minute!! You start thinking about how you may have married the wrong person or this just isn’t for you anymore. Then you look at your young family and your baby and toddler, fear and guilt sets in and you find yourself in… Read More »Should You Leave Your Unhappy Marriage?